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What is Freedom?Independence for older adults

Older adult experience independence through VR

Ask a child, and they will tell you that it means you can do whatever you want. Ask an adult, and they will say the same thing but with the word “responsibility” somewhere in their definition. Sadly, it almost seems rude to ask a senior, as if the very question itself mocks the condition of age.

How do you turn back the clock for seniors, giving them that sense of freedom they once had as a child? It means you have to free them from the constraints they have now. Some constraints are physical, mental, or even financial.

At Fourcher Technologies, we have discovered that Virtual Reality technologies can transcend the limitations seniors face. Our VR travel experiences free seniors from their beds and wheelchairs. It simplifies what it means to travel. It allows them to tap into their creative side, or even play a game. All that, and it usually costs them nothing. Any of these activities done through conventional means would cost a fortune and be prohibitively complicated, but when done through us, they enable a level of freedom many had given up searching for. In the image above pictured is one of our clients Jeane, traveling to Ireland from her bed. Special thanks to James Devary at Senior Helpers for arranging this.

We hope that you and your organization will be inspired to look for ways to free the seniors in your life. We took the high-tech approach, but maybe you can take a different one.

Comment below your ideas/implementations.

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