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Community Outreach Specialist

Job Type




About the Role

Hey you, yea you!

Fourcher Technologies is looking for a motivated Community Outreach Specialist to assist with the growth of the company.

Job Type:
Mixed commission and flat-rate pay
Vehicle required

Our goal is to build strong relationships with senior communities to provide personalized tech support for their residents.

Our specialists should be passionate about building quality relationships. They are responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with senior community management. This is not a technical position and is intended to be a part time job that scales with your availability.

Typical workflow consists of driving to the community, asking for the activities director, getting their contact information, and sending an email asking to host an event. Afterwards, you will be in communication with that community and schedule follow up events accordingly.


Day-to-day responsibilities:

Driving to senior communities and pitching them on our VR and IT events

Scheduling follow up meetings with leadership of communities (directors)

Maintain correspondence via email with communities

Research and find new communities to reach out to

We pay $8.50 for every community visited AND emailed (~$34/hr) plus an additional $15 for every successfully scheduled first event. On average, specialists approach 4-5 communities per hour.

You also get 10% of the scheduled event price for every event that is booked at a community you manage. This can add up quickly, with them paying $150-200 per event, and having around 3 events per month. (~$60/community/month)

TLDR; Drive, get email, send email, get paid, schedule VR event, get paid more!

Traits we are looking for:


Great communicator



Relationship Builder


Problem Solver

We look forward to your application!

About the Company

Fourcher Technologies provides in-home tech support for seniors. We focus on friendliness, competence, and treating our customers like family. We are a small but growing company that started in Tempe at the beginning of the year. We do things differently than other tech support companies, and that’s why our clients love us. We hope you can be part of the journey as we grow.

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