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Making technology


We are America's Friendliest In-home Tech Support

Call us at 714-914-3000 

Tech support made with love and care

Call us at 714-914-3000 or email us at to get started


Stressed out over the Phone?

We are your personalized in-home tech companion. It pays to have someone next to you, whom you can trust.


Our Services

Andy Le
Jordan Fourcher


We have been helping our own grandparents for years, so we decided it was time to help everyone else's. We believe in treating all of our customers like family with personalized tech support that focuses on education and building personal relationships. 


I need tech support for...

For myself

My Loved one

My Residents


Why go with Fourcher Tech?

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FREE over-the-phone help.


If the issue can't be resolved in a timely manner, we will schedule an in-person session. 


If we can't fix the issue, we DON'T BILL YOU.

In very rare cases, if the issue is not resolved, you do not get charged. Guaranteed on us!


We go straight to your home.

Driving from place to place with your computer can be very difficult and time-consuming. We come directly to you!


We treat you like family

We treat you like our own family. There are no dumb questions. Just an opportunity to learn!


An in-home 1 hour session is $80 and any hour after the initial first hour is $60. 


To get started on a session, call us at 714-914-3000 or email us at

  • Basic Subscription

    Every month
    Save $20 off on an individual session
    • 1 FREE session per month
  • Silver Tier

    Every month
    Best value if you want a tech companion
    • 3 Free session per month (limit to 1 hour session each)
    • Unlimited phone support
    • Access to free workshop and events
  • Gold Tier

    Every month
    For power users who want to live tech-stress free
    • Unlimited sessions per month (limited to 1 hour sessions)
    • Unlimited phone support
    • Access to free coaching
    • Access to attend free events and workshops

If our technicians determine they can't resolve the issue in a timely manner over the phone, we will schedule an in-person session.

We are a fully in-person service company.

How we Can Help You

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